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Turnkey Solutions

I-Mill Grain Milling Systems provides turnkey solutions including project management, process engineering, installation, and commissioning services worldwide.

We are able to provide the complete range of machinery and equipment for flour, semolina, and maize milling plants, integrating:

  • Grain intake, handling, and storage systems,
  • Cleaning, milling, and packaging machinery,
  • Centralized automation systems,
  • Steel structures (or platforms) for mill building.

Maize Milling

I-Mill Grain Milling Systems offers integrated solutions in maize milling technologies, for the production of:

  • Maize meal,
  • Hominy grits,
  • Extrusion grits,
  • Flaking grits,
  • Brewers grits,
  • Maize germ.

Flour and Semolina Milling

I-Mill Grain Milling Systems realizes turnkey installations of flour and semolina milling plants, which are designed for the production of:

  • Different Types of Wheat Flour (Bakery, Biscuits, All Purpose, Whole Meal etc.)
  • Semolina for Pasta, Couscous, and Confectionary Products

Our experienced team of milling technologists is ready to offer you appropriate process solutions, to get the highest extraction possible.