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I-Mill provides integrated equipment and services with value added engineering solutions for our partners all around the world.

I-Mill Grain Milling Systems is created by experienced millers and engineers, who have over 70 years of combined know-how and expertise.

We produce the complete range of machinery and equipment; as well as providing turn-key installations of grain milling plants worldwide.

Our team is mainly specialized in grain processing technologies, and we develop customized ‘process and technology’ solutions including compact (horizontal) and vertical (multi-floor) milling systems for small and medium capacities.

Our Mission

I-Mill is established to deliver cutting-edge technology and quality together with competitive advantage for our customers.

Our Vision

We have the vision of developing new technologies, setting new industry standards and growing with our partners - valuable customers worldwide.


Our responsibilities are for the public health and welfare. We provide safe and nutritious food production systems with high hygienic standards in our equipment design and plant installations worldwide. We also believe in a low carbon footprint in respect to the nature and our environment.