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Our technology provides
competitive advantages to
millers all around the world!

I-Mill was created with the vision of utilizing the latest technology to provide cost-effective solutions to our industry. We carry out our research and development activities based on deep engineering, innovation, and continuous improvement approaches.

The main concern of I-Mill is to develop and apply the latest industrial technologies in milling operations, with a focus on energy efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Through the advanced automation solutions we provide for grain mills, we are distinguished from our competitors. Our solutions enable centralized process monitoring, operational management, and traceability advantages.

Maize Milling

As I-Mill Grain Milling Systems, we offer integrated solutions in maize milling technologies, for the production of:

  • Maize meal,
  • Hominy grits,
  • Extrusion grits,
  • Flaking grits,
  • Brewers grits,
  • Maize germ.

Flour and Semolina Milling

As I-Mill Grain Milling Systems, we realize turnkey installations of flour and semolina milling plants, which are designed for the production of:

  • Different types of wheat flour (Bakery, Biscuits, All-Purpose, Whole Meal, etc.)
  • Semolina for pasta, couscous, and confectionary products.

    Our experienced team of milling technologists is ready to offer you appropriate process solutions, to get the highest extraction possible.